The Colour of my Dreams

One fine wintery afternoon in the Nilgiris accompanied by two of my dearest friends – the husband and wife team of Meghana and Abhishek, I was rummaging through the heady scent of books at Higginbothams. Meghana and I chanced upon a fading and obviously ignored copy of ‘The Colour of my Dreams and other poems’ by Peter Dixon. I snatched at it first and fell in love with the poems within!

“Aare! Dekhne to do na!” protested Meghana. Baring my fangs and exhibiting my claws, I grudgingly allowed her to read some poems and at the same time watched for any ‘running away with the book’ signs. Unwillingly, she returned the book said, “Missed it by a second!” I was filled with remorse and wanted to give her the paperback, there and then – but I didn’t. Each and every poem seemed to talk to me about that carefully protected child inside me.

from The Colour of my Dreams

I play my world of make-believe

I play it every day

but people stand and watch me

but don’t know what to say.

They give me diagnostic tests

they try out reading schemes,

but none of them will ever know

the colour of my dreams.

poet_dixonPeter Dixon is a well-known poet who has published extensively including such titles as ‘The Penguin in the Fridge and Other Cool Poems‘. He wasn’t any good at school and failed to master spelling, grammar, comprehension and the other (supposed) roots of writing. More or less by accident he became a senior lecturer in education.

Problem Solving

Our teacher likes to

solve problems.

But I don’t like

solving problems.

That’s my problem.

I would like to invent

a way to make my teacher


I try hard

but cannot find the right solution.

Another, close to my heart!


Why do we say wildlife

When wildlife isn’t wild?

It’s mostly soft and gentle,

It’s mostly meek and mild.

We don’t see lions bombing

and tigers driving tanks,

platoons of pink flamingos

or regiments of yaks.

We don’t see wars of blue whales

or rabbits flying jets,

walruses with shotguns

or parachuting pets.

To me wildlife is gentle

it loves to hide away,

it’s mostly shy and silent

it likes to run and play.

It’s really us that’s wildlife

our lifestyle’s really wild


and bangs

and burnings.

father, mother, child.

Dixon has written poetry since he can remember but says he still can’t spell! He focuses on the way in which children learn. A long standing champion for the cause of children being allowed to be children. “They are not miniature adults…and a 4 year old is not a 14 year old who has not lived quite so long.” His poems emphasise in a generally incisive manner our responsibilities to recognize children in their own right and acknowledge and understand their thought processes.

I’m buying Meghana a copy.


4 Responses to “The Colour of my Dreams”

  1. October 21, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    Thank you Arun. I loved the poems. they should be required reading for all teachers. And children. Do you think I could reproduce these poems and your comments on my blog?

  2. September 14, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    i just love the poems you write im going to use them for my elocution competition

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