The singular case of Kalyani’s profundity

It has taken many years for Kalyani Warner to finally expend a few days of her 18th year visiting the Corbett Tiger Reserve with her Arun Chacha. These are her observations with my comments at the end of the photo feature.

What I anticipated:

Aware of the reducing tiger population I came to the Jim Corbett Park with very few hopes of sighting one. However, secretly, there was a small part of my heart that knew that not seeing a tiger would be most disappointing and not just for me but humanity in the larger sense.

When I saw the tiger:

When we saw the tiger, it was all very sudden. Ours was the only jeep there and we were separated by a small stream of water. It was just lying there… that’s when it hit me; it was one of the most beautiful sight ever… the most beautiful animal I had ever seen.

(Not writing about it being injured)

As luck would have it, on our way back, the gypsy in front of us slowed down…they had spotted a tigress! The tigress was initially walking on the same path as we were driving. And the way she walked…as if she owned the jungle and rightly so. Once she sensed us she walked into the nearby ‘naala’.

It was getting a bit difficult to see her clearly because of the camouflage. Once we lost her, we carried on.

I knew what we had seen today was a rare feat for a tourist.

What I came back with:

Some people never see tigers, and with its fast reducing population I doubt many will. Knowing this I knew that today we were plain lucky. I took back in my heart a very, very unique experience. It’s sad how this beautiful animal is on the brink of extinction amongst so many others. I knew all this when I went there, but I came back really feeling the sorrow of our loss.

The adult male tiger was sighted off Cheetal Road, Doosara Pani of the Bijrani Range. It was limping and the front left paw was swollen. Matter was reported to the Range Officer and then Field Director, CTR at Ramnagar. There has been no feedback.

Between Amdanda Gate and Marchula, there are 49 resorts and more under construction. There is a stadium at Kunkhet Gaon that more-or-less blocks an elephant corridor and the vehicles carrying tourists break all possible CTR rules.

Are you really listening/reading/reacting Mr. Minister, Mr. Chief Minister, NDTV, Aircel and other guardians and custodians of India’s wildlife? Anybody there?


3 Responses to “The singular case of Kalyani’s profundity”

  1. 1 sacredfig
    May 17, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Fantastic pictures! Kalyani should indeed consider herself very lucky…we have seriously begun to doubt if we will ever see a tiger in the wild….

  2. 2 effem
    May 27, 2010 at 3:14 am

    Oh Arun, You lucky, lucky, versatile man! Yes indeed, I too think the tiger is so beautiful and terribly powerful and awe inspiring. He should indeed be the King of the jungle. Let me look on wild tigers through your eyes!

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    June 25, 2014 at 3:47 pm

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