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Bleeding Heart and Replacements

“The human heart, at whatever age, opens only to the heart that opens in return.” – Marie Edgeworth

Gypsy’s death, if truth be told…knocked me out – physically and emotionally. The bars, behind which I had managed to incarcerate my vulnerability, simply collapsed. Various floodgates ruptured and a barrage of feelings, pent-up expressions, pain and memories burst out.

I blubbered.

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Lest we forget

“All that is still occurring, and people are now reducing it to politics and shifting it to the blame game. It‘s sad that human tragedy is being reduced to politics.” – Denise Bottcher

The  picture  depicts  a  famine  stricken  child  crawling  towards  an  United  Nations  food  camp,  located  a  kilometre  away. The  vulture  is  waiting  for  the  child  to  die  so  that  it  can  eat  it.  This picture shocked the whole world.  No  one  knows  what  happened  to  the  child,  including  the  photographer  Kevin Carter  who  left  the  place  as  soon  as  the  photograph  was  taken.

Three months later he committed suicide due to depression.