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Dancing with Demons

“Language…has created the word “loneliness” to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word “solitude” to express the glory of being alone.” – Paul Tillich

This may rouse those once again, who were somewhat stirred by ‘My Way’. I was pleasantly surprised by their reaction after that posting…but none commented on the blog site!

Two themes that were the quintessence of most emails – “Is blogging like an online personal diary for me?” and, “How could I be so open about myself?”

I have thought about these aspects at a personal level and continue to do so. And, even though, blogging may be mildly interesting for me, let me assert that I am not the ‘diary kind’ and there are many things I don’t share and probably never will. So, the question of a personal diary – online or otherwise – does not arise.

Also, if I were to really be unfettered about my views……

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