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Believe it or not…

Curling my toes to grip the ground further

I stood with the stars and awaited

the assault.

As the lustre was sucked-in slowly

a bright shadow glowed over the mercurial

flow that surged towards me with a roar.

Balanced on the silvery surface,

I stared out a fierce defiance

and in the distance the flickering lights

winked their silent


I am very sensitive to environment and the hostility permeating from this place was obvious to me from day one. Not a single tree, bush, flower or building had music. Initially planning to write something scathing about the place where I was for over a month… but, there is really no point…and this episode supersedes everything. It is intense enough to even boggle my senses and I do constantly try and rationalize everything. However, once again I have no answers and the reader is at a liberty (when aren’t they) to dismiss this post as delirious rendering.

Technically, six people should be able to connect a link as this post has to do something with my life, but, I think only three are going to really react in their own ways. The others are not even aware that I have a blog.

And so….what you have here, this time is a re-construction of images and voices.

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