As long it serves your purpose

it’s so easy say

“I’m like this!”

Cared for and nourished

with love

you know when and where to strike,

plunder and ravage;

then hooting with gay abundance,

celebrating your youthful dare

you move on,

because you are

“like this.”

Why do you then question

and dismiss

my plea


“I am like this!”

Strange are the passions

of the

human animal;

so powerful yet blind

for each

in vain spends a lifetime

looking and searching

for that


which when found is ruthlessly


because we are

“like this?”

Be happy and grateful

that today there is someone to

listen and take in

your justification; for there may

come a time when

“I am like this”

will be a lonely, meaningless cry

swept away by the

barren winds


your actions.


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