Just yesterday?


आज सारे कोदंडधारी राम, सबके सब,

स्वर्णमृगों के पीछे गए, और लौटे नहीं,

सारे के सारे लक्ष्मण रावण से मिल

गए, और रेखा खींची नहीं।

सारे जटायु सीताओं की रक्षा में,

अनगिनत रावणों के हाथों

शहीद हो गए कट-कट कर ध्वस्त हो गये।

शेष रह गए हैं अब

बेशुमार सम्पाती

जो सूर्य की ओर, चार वर्षों में

केवल, चार कदम चल पाये, और

सत्य पर लगे स्वर्ण के ढक्कन से

अभिभूत होकर, उसी से चिपक गए,

फिर उन्होंने अपने चमचों से

अपनी चार-कदमी उड़ान के गीत गावये।


आज पांडव स्वयं

अपनी द्रोपदी (?) को नग्न करने में

व्यस्त हैं और कौरवों के साथ मिल कर

हँस हँस कर मज़ा लेने में मस्त हैं,

अंधे धृथराष्ट्रों के

सैकड़ों सपूत और

उनके क्लीव भाई पाण्डु के,

कपूत रखवाले कृष्णों के मार्गो को रोके बैठे हैं।

अतः अब,

सारी द्रौपदियों को नंगा नाचना है।

तथा सब अपमानित सीताओं को,

भूमिगत होना है।


सारे असहाय रामों को

आत्म हत्या करनी है

सभी हताश कृष्णों की

लोलुप बहेलियों के हाथों

हत्या होनी है।

आज नृसिंह, हिरण्यकशिपों

को पाल रहे हैं, और

प्रह्लादों के पेट फाड़ रहे हैं।

इसलिए भाइयों,

आपको, बार बार, ज़ोर से

बोलना है :-

मेरा भारत महान्

एक वर्ष में, मात्र एक पग

चलने वाला, मेरा भारत महान

क्योंकी समता का युग है,

गधे और घोड़े सब हैं समान

गधे चरेंगे अंगूर और घोड़ों पर

सवारी करेंगे काले मुँह के लँगूर।

(‘बोलो मेरा भारत महान’ – कविता संग्रह ‘क्षण घुँघरू ’ से – लेखक: स्वर्गीय प्रो. रमेश कुमार शर्मा)

Was it just yesterday that there were nation-wide protests and demonstrations against price rises – organised and coordinated by political parties?

Against the high cost of living that in reality, is never felt or experienced by our politicians and their ultra-rich corporate financiers. Something that does not affect them; something that does not really matter to them – be it the BJP, the Congress or any other political party.

They are impervious to the silent screams of the general public, the common man. Just as impervious, ignorant, pig-headed and callous to the Rights and Civil Liberties for Women and the LGBT communities.


So, wasn’t it just yesterday that the functioning of the country came to a stand-still? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we, once again, displayed the rapidly increasing intellectual impotency within the country?

But we are smart, aren’t we? At least our cities will be. However, smart for the sake of being smart is stupid! Isn’t it?


It is estimated that each ‘Bandh’- the modern day Gandhian concept of non-cooperation (which primarily means ‘blackmail’ or “we will bring the country to its knees again!”), results in an approximate loss of INR 600 Crore for the Nation. Thousands of people are inconvenienced and harassed; vehicles are stopped; transportation services are suspended; pelting of stones and forced shutter-downs is rampant; emergency services are not allowed to function; daily wagers from remote areas are helpless and unable to provide succour for their families. This in reality is my Mahan Bharat – the shining            India; the great India; the ‘bhurkus’ India!

Will such exhibitions of blatant anarchic behaviour laced with hooliganism really be able to solve the problems of the people? Has any politician ever thought of asking the common woman/man if SHE/HE wanted a Bharat Bandh? But when do our elected leaders, our service providers ever heed the silent screams or the dying sighs of the common man? Unfortunately the harsh truth is that the obtuse common man also, will only receive intellectual impotency as his legacy – that too after greasing the palms of the manipulative Netas!

We want to be a leading world power professing non-violence, tolerance and democracy but regretfully we have become one of the most racist and bigoted nations, and we celebrate it!

We want to revolutionize, but our endeavour always remains towards somebody else bringing-in this vital change to make our personal lives better, bit more secure if not respectable. We just want to sit comfortably in front of the all-consuming chewing-gum of the eyes – the idiot box; let money trickle in steadily and food be provided whilst we gleefully watch the stripping of other peoples’ lives – wanting the Nation to take steady steps towards progress on its own. If nothing else, then the ubiquitous ‘chai-paani’ and ‘pakodas’ can be arranged for individuals to work out any particular or personal problem. In case of an extremely prickly situation there is always that ‘connection’. And, if nothing else works then just join the mob for the jugaad of a bandh or the best and most well-designed modus operandi is to become a ‘rakshak’ – saviour/protector of Hindu rashstra and its culture!


Wasn’t it just yesterday that we stood with pride in our hearts and tears welling in our eyes whenever the National anthem was played? Our patriotism was there and nobody had to prove it. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were taught the real meaning of ‘Bharat Mata’; ‘Jai Hind’ and the unity in diversity which makes the bed-rock of Indian polity? Or is this just a ‘swag’ that we sing to ourselves, “Sabko gale lagana apne culture ki hai aadat”?

Practises of ‘chakka-jam’ are vicissitudes of sabotaging civil life. These underhand tactics orchestrated by our political parties are a serious offence and a crime against civil liberties. But, wasn’t it just yesterday that we lost all our liberties?

Is anybody listening? Or are we too busy burning, killing or beating up people in public?

Does anybody care anymore?

Not really! No more can you even weep. Voices are silenced to further augment the stillness and finance bills are sneaked-passed whilst fascism feeds on the ululating. The Parliament is effectively neutered. The moral code of conduct has meritoriously been corroded and our spineless leaders and saints (?), the kul-gurus of yesterday’s guru-kuls have mastered the art of lobotomizing entire generations and like all the used-abused, known-unknown and named-unnamed Nirbhayas, the motherland is raped too, every day – assiduously plundered and stripped of its resources and conscience.


So, wasn’t it just yesterday that there was a Bharat Bandh – a shutdown, a nationwide strike forcefully imposed by incompetent lumpen elements of some well-supported party/group demanding special status privileges; the ban on the publication of a book or the release of a film; the lynching of people; offering of bounties for killings and nose-chopping’s and other such absurd edicts.

And, wasn’t it just yesterday when an 8 years old girl fell off a tree in Khadkya village, in Maharashtra’s Nandurbar district, and broke her back? It took 20 days and 467 km for her to get help. She may never walk or go back to school despite laws protecting children with disabilities. Developing, framing and executing infrastructures of all kinds need to be the priority of our government, especially in the areas of health, schooling, clean drinking water, shelter to name a few. But, these require time, dedication, sensitivity and a moral will. May be difficult as most of our Parliamentarians suffer from a spinal problem and must constantly replenish themselves by hiking their own salaries and promoting the subsidized Parliament canteen!

Incidentally, the young girl from Khadkya has paraplegia and deep bed sores. A larger picture of our country.


In the midst of all this, the cries of pain emanating from an ambulance stuck on a road slowly shut down in this shutdown. All that was heard was the maniacal shouts of hoodlums equipped with rods and bricks. All that was happening was the belabouring routing of people and waving of party flags – be it saffron or otherwise.


The blood that flowed was always red.


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