Residents, visitors and other beings extraordinaire! 2

 “I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven.” –  Emily Dickinson

I once read somewhere, that, ‘there is nothing like attracting birds to a birdbath……It’s also great to watch birds at feeders, but there’s something particularly exciting about watching birds splashing away or sipping water from a bath.’ However, the bird baths that I have, draw more birds than the feeder, and, there are certain bird species that do no use the feeder at all. And yes……………………..a pecking order exists!

The small bird bath in a large flower pot is used only by the Laughing Dove. I have never really seen any other bird use it nor have I been able to take a photograph because of the extremely shy nature of this bird. All you can do is to watch this highly cautious bird (totally mindful of your presence), meandering all over the place – pretending to go elsewhere but making its circuitous way to the bird bath. Always watching and flying away if you even flex a finger. Game over! It won’t be back for hours. The amazing thing is that eventually when it does reach the water all that happens is a quick dipping of the beak and that’s it!

Bird baths are important because birds need water for two reasons: drinking and preening. Water helps keep a bird’s body cool both from the inside and outside. Water baths can also remove dust, loose feathers, parasites and other debris from a bird’s plumage.

And for those who may not be aware – bird baths need to have clean water, especially in summers. https://greengroundswell.com/birdbaths-attract-birds-to-your-yard/2017/08/21/


There are predators around. Not just the cats but big birds are watching too!

I have often wondered whether it is right to create water spots for them? What will happen when I am gone? Have also pondered as to why do some birds look so angry?

Like me?

And, of course, you cannot look them in the eye directly. They don’t like it. As-far-as they are concerned, you are a large blob with a menacing protruding eye. Most will fly away when you point the camera at them but some will, and rightly so, put you in your place with great vigor!

I wish I could shrink and be with them!! Hours of keeping one ear open to bird sounds only; finding painful and ridiculous spots to hide and aim the camera without alerting them; waiting….. waiting……. watching……. missing…. trying to control unsteady hands…… waiting….. focusing…..

Of course, the zoom lens helps but with birds nothing works and you’re hoping that they would pause a bit. Sometimes they do and out of a dozen clicks you manage to get something or nothing!

To be continued……….

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