Residents, visitors and other beings extraordinaire! 3

“Even the dullest bird or face becomes interesting when you give it a good look in the wild/flesh. The way the shadow drops across the cheek, the light hits an eyebrow, etc… there are many more angles, positions etc. than you can ever imagine. My heart always makes a little jump when I see things in birds or faces that surprise me.” –  Siegfried Woldhek

The more I gave birds and other creatures ‘a good look’ and moved away from their spectacular markings, colours and behaviour; the further I found myself concentrating on their bodies and limbs.

However, it was the birds – Tarsus, scales, feet and toes – mainly the hind toe, that made me wonder as to how close they could still be to the dinosaurs?

Even before I went online to further search on this topic, I knew that their would be a phenomenal amount of scientific data/theories/arguments and counter-arguments. I was not wrong and had a wonderful time reading everything. Fascinating stuff!

“A close relationship between birds and dinosaurs was first proposed in the nineteenth century after the discovery of the primitive bird Archaeopteryx in Germany. “

“Archaeopteryx, shown here in an artist’s rendering, is believed to be the world’s earliest bird and a descendant of the dinosaurs. The crow-sized creature lived about 150 million years ago. Some scientists believed it soared down from tree tops with the aid of four limbs covered in winglike feathers. Archaeopteryx’s feathers and birdlike wishbone — along with reptilian features such as a long bony tail, claws and teeth — are seen as strong evidence that birds evolved from dinosaurs.” – John Roach, msnbc.com contributor.

There is no dearth of information available on the net to suit individual thought processes. Here are some links:







It was an interesting exercise for me and I began to focus on these amazing body parts.

And then, back again to their fabulous colours, beaks, eyes and other displays!

To be continued…………


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