The Man with Hollow Knees

It was only very late in life,

he noticed that his hollow knees

were the reason for his strife.

He was different from most other,

and yet, initially his hollow-ness

was of no real bother.

Growing up, he had always

watched the ground slip by,

with each faltering step

the hollow knees did apply.

At times he experimented

by walking awkwardly,

so that the wind blew through

creating tunes other-worldly.

Every new day was for him

a revelation, a magical story,

watching the dragonfly

pause in-between cautiously;

Or a red velvet mite glistening

after the rains,

balancing on a blade of grass

checking out the terrains.

There were times he saw

the roots of a tree,

looking up at him with

surprise filled glee.

How his gaping limbs were

joined he knew not or cared,

for never once were

his meanderings impaired;

It bothered him not that

only he could see,

the unfilledness of his knees,

for he was looking into creation,

albeit with degrees.

Each step was an epiphany

in itself,

that made his body grow

and nurture his elf;

But, so engrossed was he

that he did not perceive

those who did not believe.

He should have looked up!

He should have been alert!

Too late, they gripped him

by his ankles and flipped

him to subvert;

Trampled and shackled

he saw the blue,

as he continued his battle

his life took a new hue.

For now not even

the wind blows through,

he has bid all views a 

final adieu!


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