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Residents, visitors and other beings extraordinaire! 3

“Even the dullest bird or face becomes interesting when you give it a good look in the wild/flesh. The way the shadow drops across the cheek, the light hits an eyebrow, etc… there are many more angles, positions etc. than you can ever imagine. My heart always makes a little jump when I see things in birds or faces that surprise me.” –  Siegfried Woldhek

The more I gave birds and other creatures ‘a good look’ and moved away from their spectacular markings, colours and behaviour; the further I found myself concentrating on their bodies and limbs.

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Residents, visitors and other beings extraordinaire! 2

 “I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven.” –  Emily Dickinson

I once read somewhere, that, ‘there is nothing like attracting birds to a birdbath……It’s also great to watch birds at feeders, but there’s something particularly exciting about watching birds splashing away or sipping water from a bath.’ However, the bird baths that I have, draw more birds than the feeder, and, there are certain bird species that do no use the feeder at all. And yes……………………..a pecking order exists!

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Residents, visitors and other beings extraordinaire! 1

“The sound of birds stops the noise in my mind.” – Carly Simon

I am a ramshackle person residing in this ramshackle house. And, as I am forced to live in a city, I have created – in my mind mostly – a small and crumbling forest scenario. It sustains me momentarily and stirs  my soul to live for yet, another day. I look forward to the  company of  this forest’s permanent residents; the visitors and other beings. They stop me from feeling lonely.

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Just yesterday?


आज सारे कोदंडधारी राम, सबके सब,

स्वर्णमृगों के पीछे गए, और लौटे नहीं,

सारे के सारे लक्ष्मण रावण से मिल

गए, और रेखा खींची नहीं।

सारे जटायु सीताओं की रक्षा में,

अनगिनत रावणों के हाथों

शहीद हो गए कट-कट कर ध्वस्त हो गये।

शेष रह गए हैं अब

बेशुमार सम्पाती

जो सूर्य की ओर, चार वर्षों में

केवल, चार कदम चल पाये, और

सत्य पर लगे स्वर्ण के ढक्कन से

अभिभूत होकर, उसी से चिपक गए,

फिर उन्होंने अपने चमचों से

अपनी चार-कदमी उड़ान के गीत गावये।

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“Let’s go for a walk……

was what I had planned to say.

I’ll gently take

and hold her hand

then find a quiet spot and

ask her

to ask questions……

was what I had decided to do.

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Of Djinns, Chudails and other such para(normal)phernalia!

“The dark dangerous forest is still there, my friends. Beyond the space of the astronauts and the astronomers, beyond the dark, tangled regions of Freudian and Jungian psychiatry, beyond the dubious psi-realms of Dr. Rhine, beyond the areas policed by the commissars and priests and motivations-research men, far, far beyond the mad, beat, half-hysterical laughter… the utterly unknown still is and the eerie and ghostly lurk, as much wrapped in mystery as ever.” – Fritz Leiber

In recent times, I attempted to pep-up my non-existent social life and decided to join a heritage walk. With a great sense of déjà vu, I experienced some unbelievably insufferable creatures at this event and, “bloody chudails” was what I felt like yelling out.

But being a fraidy-cat and not wanting to create a scene, I did not and quietly slinked away.


The very next day I read in the newspaper that some people, in Bardawan district of Bengal, were selling a djinn trapped in a bottle and of course, there were customers!

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Matter of Time

Exhausted and desperate

for sleep;

staring at the

cracked and almost falling

piece of ceiling,

I lie awake to escape

the nightmares

that swoop down

to feed on my already

corroded soul.

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