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The Dead and the Living

“I think I had a mother once…” – Peter Pan

I feel cheated.

Natural death has disregarded me.

Once again I have lost out.

With innumerable masks resounding with hushed, unspoken and unshed tears of shrieks, I am left in this shambles not knowing what to do? Where to go? Whom to talk to? What to talk about?  Whom to relate with?


The living are tiring.


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रक्त जड़ित आँसू

मज़बूर हूँ मैं वक़्त के तकाज़े से
मरदूद नोटों के तिलिस्मी आने-जाने से,
दिलोदिमाग के अंदर की चीखें निकल नहीं रहीं
हम खफ़ा हैं खुद अपनी
हयात से.

खंज़र से ज़्यादा नुकीले शब्दों ने
ज़हन को छलनी कर दिया,
फिर हमारी धात्री ने अपना
काम करवा के
नाकामियत की
माला से सजा दिया.

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What am I?

“There is a face behind this mask, but it isn’t me. I’m no more that face than I am the muscles beneath it, or the bones beneath that.” – Steve Moore, V for Vendetta

It has been an odd mixture of experiences these past few months….but then, what is new about it?

Something was whispered, nay pointed out. An epiphany!

And, I have no idea what I am writing?


I was asked as to how many ‘hits/views’ I get on my posts. My answer was, “Fifteenish.”

“Every day?” came the query.

“No,” said I, “Per week and all could be flukes.”

“Dude!” (I loathe this term), sniggered the individual, “You are not a blogger!”


So, what am I?


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Rise up old friend,

Rise up from the Dark,

We’d like to see you jump,

Give us that silly grin and bark.

But if, for whatever reason, you can’t,

and with your skin you have to part,

Know this, old friend,

You’re ever a part of my heart.

But for now, rise up, old friend…this may not be your hour….

Or else, in light we’ll meet again, Old friend… Next life, year or hour.

– Arjun Agnihotri

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