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My 30 and others!

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दिमाग फितूरी था
बहुत सोचा इक
फिर से
अपने बारे में;
और जाने किस
गुबार में
अष्टाव्रक जिंदगी
के उस कोने
की सफाई करने


As long it serves your purpose

it’s so easy say

“I’m like this!”

Cared for and nourished

with love

you know when and where to strike,

plunder and ravage;

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“They say that there are moments that open up your life like a walnut cracked, that change your point of view so that you never look at things the same way again.” – Jodi Picoult

It has been a tough couple of months with alienated alliances manifesting and skeletons tumbling out of various proverbial cupboards! Or is it that I chose not to acknowledge these alliances and not open these cubbyholes?

“…..truth will out!” as Launcelot Gobbo said. But the truth was always known to me (was it?), so why the anguish? Is it because nobody else seems to be bothered about it?

There is a wonderful anonymous quote, “Sometimes it’s not the people who change; it’s the mask that falls off.” When this happens, does one look at the mask or the face that has been exposed? What do you do with the fallen mask? What do you do with the exposed face? Is it really an exposed face or simply another mask? Do you wait for the mask to be picked-up? Do you want the mask to be picked-up? By whom? Should the face be covered again? Whose?

Is it your mask and face? Or mine!

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The Exploitative Potato

“Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine. The landmine is me. After the explosion, I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces together.” – Ray Bradbury

There is a small, scattered group of individuals, who for some inexplicable reason follow my blog-posts. Out of these few, there is a wee faction that never comments but always send me mail. This is also the same crowd who were fairly flustered during the long hiatus I took from blogging. Recent mails have stuff like, “Please don’t write in Hindi……Why verse only………Why don’t you write something else……..about people?”

Well! I don’t have much to say and even if I did – who would be interested or understand?

What is the point of talking about people who carry their window-frames, through which they look at me and dissect and offer unsolicited advice? Then go away pacified within themselves that they have done their bit – leaving behind the sacrificial goat that has yet to die completely and then, the plot with accompanying laughter, thickens.

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Creating Ripples in a Vacuum Pond!

Why do I weep?

When you shed tears.

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And then, there were none?

“There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before.” – Robert Lynd, The Blue Lion and Other Essays

Returned from Kachchh earlier this month.

Glad to have met old friends but the trip remains sad and I fear what the future has in store for this most wondrous of places. Within hours of reaching Bhuj, I also learnt about the fire that apparently wiped-out Musabhai’s Bhunga and all his worldly possessions, including his flutes.

The Rann Festival will probably become one of the greatest threats to the sensitive eco-systems of this region – and nobody within the Sarkari Raj is concerned as long as the ‘Khushboo Gujarat Ki’ becomes global. Sadly, the Kachchhis themselves seem oblivious to the impending catastrophes that face them and, I don’t just mean the flora and fauna. Who is allowing high-rise buildings to be constructed? Haven’t enough lives been lost in 2001?


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