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“Over the centuries we have transformed the ancient myths and folk tales and made them into the fabric of our lives. Consciously and unconsciously we weave the narratives of myth and folk tale into our daily existence.” – Jack Zipes

My previous post produced two official comments; an expected roar of silence from some; one empathizer from offspring; and, a surge of emails from others – with varying tones of advice, gripe, commiseration, vacuity, analysis of my psyche and fascinatingly oblique commentaries – the latter leaving me with one single bemused thought: I would be a darling of the shrink community and if I had the money, would keep at least a few occupied and financially secure for some years!

There was also a flurry of links to blogs with humorous posts. Taking the hint, I did make an attempt not to be darkly dismal and reverentially gawked at Humour for a long time waiting for it to tickle my Muse, but she of the whimsical kind and devoid of the lighter vein, ultimately skewered him with the acerbic end of a funny bone. Woe is me!

But thanks for the insights and here is a toast to all – cheers – which has joie de vivre associations.


Was preparing for a journey and witlessly looking for something; found an old chewed-up diary.

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Mrs. Naja naja

The term ‘beasts’ belongs properly to lions, leopards and tigers, wolves and foxes, dogs and monkeys, and all others (except snakes)….’The Peterborough Bestiary’.

I wonder why? I mean, why not snakes? They can be fairly beastly.

I am not saying that I find them repulsive; it’s just that I am not particularly enchanted by the serpentis species. Incommodiously, they slink around with great stealth; you can’t hear nor smell them, and snakes….they have this hissterical effect on people!

Then, there are these incredible myths and legends and stories and superstitions attached to them, e.g., cobras mate with rat snakes; some snakes grow a beard as they get older; if a snake is killed its partner (invariably the female) will trace you – no matter wherever you are; snakes drink milk; snakes carry a diamond in/on their forehead; flying snakes can pierce somebody’s forehead or put out their eyes; there are “two- headed” snakes, and so forth!

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