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22° 29’N; 73° 32’E

If a building makes us light up, it is not because we see order; any row of file cabinets is ordered. What we recognize and love is the same kind of pattern we see in every face, the pattern of our life form. The same principles apply to buildings that apply to mollusks, birds or trees. Architecture is the play of patterns derived from nature and ourselves. – Jonathan Hale, ‘The Old Way of Seeing’

Tranquil and silent in time – more or less protected by its sudden abandonment nearly 500 years ago – Champaner is the name of the settlement adjoining the volcanic hill of Pavagadh that rises an odd and abrupt 800 m amidst the sweeping  plains of Gujarat. It is a hill range that has yielded pre-historic tools, cave paintings and probably still conceals further layers of history – from the Puranic to a Rajput; an Islamic to a Maratha; and, finally a British.

The complete hill is one amongst the oldest stone formations in India. Due to its igneous rocks that contain high amount of Rhyolite, the entire hill gives an appearance of light yellow with tinges of red.

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