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“They say that there are moments that open up your life like a walnut cracked, that change your point of view so that you never look at things the same way again.” – Jodi Picoult

It has been a tough couple of months with alienated alliances manifesting and skeletons tumbling out of various proverbial cupboards! Or is it that I chose not to acknowledge these alliances and not open these cubbyholes?

“…..truth will out!” as Launcelot Gobbo said. But the truth was always known to me (was it?), so why the anguish? Is it because nobody else seems to be bothered about it?

There is a wonderful anonymous quote, “Sometimes it’s not the people who change; it’s the mask that falls off.” When this happens, does one look at the mask or the face that has been exposed? What do you do with the fallen mask? What do you do with the exposed face? Is it really an exposed face or simply another mask? Do you wait for the mask to be picked-up? Do you want the mask to be picked-up? By whom? Should the face be covered again? Whose?

Is it your mask and face? Or mine!

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