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The TCF Debacle!

People have been asking me as to why I resigned from The Corbett Foundation (TCF)?

Some queries have been genuine; a small number laced with affectation; several embedded with the usual gloating maliciousness and more than a few comments validating my decision. Then, there have been requests for information and explanation from foreign nationals on the Cc list. Sadly, not one note of enquiry, till date, from those Indian men and women I had looked upon as worthy torch-bearers for the cause. Odd! Considering there are quite a few who on occasions have personally expressed their concerns about the very grounds that eventually prompted me to hand in my notice.

So, is a pack silently baying for my blood?

Anyway, it is not necessary to furnish all the reports that I submitted, except the following – excerpts from my last email to the Vice-Chairman (!) of The Corbett Foundation:

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I have always wanted

to have a conversation

with the birds and the bees and

things that go bump in the dark.

I have always desired

to have the woods

cry out and announce my presence

with the eagles

swooping down to screech their greeting.


I have always lusted

in the fantasy

of spreading my arms and falling

with the raindrops

to breathe-in the intoxicating aroma of wet dry mud.

My wanton, lustful desires

have let my mind

loose amidst butterflies hovering around me,

and I dream of velvet wings.